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Over 10 million people have visited our community to find such local gems as ``Best school in Singapore`` or ``best places to live in Singapore`` and with the largest collection of street and suburb reviews in Singapore it's the perfect place for real estate agents to find their next customer.

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Singapore Housing Market is the only real estate search website to say bye-bye to banner ads. We believe this gives us an advantage over those with annoying pop-ups and banner ads selling you products you don't want. Singapore Housing Market lets you focus 100% on finding your next home.

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``If you aren't using Singapore Housing Market, you should start to and get on board otherwise you will be miles behind the rest of the pack that are already utilising this awesome tool``- Glenn Thompson, Century 21, Hua Hin.``I jumped on Singapore Housing Market as soon as it was made available. It not only enables me to interact on an 'Expert' basis with prospective clients but greatly increased my digital footprint``- Peter Gilpin, Terra International Realty.

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We don't believe you should pay for what is essentially your content. We don't charge you to receive a lead. We make money through optional marketing platforms that make agents look like neighbourhood superstars! Agents are not locked into long term contracts and can leave at any time.